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MegaCode Kelly

With the introduction of the SimPad by Laerdal, their mid-technology manikins have gotten a huge functionality boost.  The ALS simulator introduced a couple years ago provides some quality features that approach those of SimMan Classic such as spontaneous chest rise as well as using the same body and parts.  We have two aging SimMan Classics and two largely unused MegaCode Kellys.

MC Kelly

The quest is to potentially upgrade the MC Kellys to ALS or ‘nearly ALS’ status. The primary features I wanted to add to our MC Kellys are: spontaneous chest rise, comprression sensor, and possibly the jaw sensors.  The pneumatic adjustments to the airway are not available at this level, but are very seldom used outside of anaesthesia.  We primarily use mask ventilation.

The parts that need to be replaced include:

  • main board (FST-1975)
  • right thigh with air tank and regulators (205-00350)
  • chest plug & chest rise bladder (205-00150, 200-00250)
  • jaw and neck sensors (205-01350, 205-01450)
  • torso cable assy (205-00650)
  • airway obstruction servo ass’ys (205-00850)
  • new style lungs (205-03750)
  • compression sensor (380350)

These parts cost about $6000+GST.  A new ALS simulator is a bit over $17k + GST