3D360 first try

Apparently, other people thought this was a great idea too, so I got some funding from CEdICT at Flinders University to purchase some equipment to try this experiment.   I got 12 Hero4 Silver GoPros (and a remote), a 3DH3Pro12 holder from 360Heros.com and some software (PTGUI, Video-Stitch and 360CamMan).  I also got a couple 7-port USB3 hubs (for charging) and a couple microSD card readers.  The Hero4 doesn’t show up as a disk when connected via USB, so you can’t use 360CamMan to pull the videos off.  Have to either use the GoPro software or pull the SD cards and use the card readers.  I may also need some other software (Premiere Pro and a plugin called quicks3D), but I haven’t jumped on this yet.  So far, ffmpeg is serving my video rotation and combining needs.  I’ll post details in a later post once I’ve figured it out.

All set to go!  Wow, that’s a steep learning curve.  Talk about millions of settings all interacting. Hmmm, it’s not turning out like I anticipated.  I discovered this web page: http://elevr.com/elevrant-360-stereo-consumer-cameras/ which also references this page: http://elevr.com/stereo-polygons/ which implies that maybe this rig has some flaws.


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