Handcuffs…er Manual Handling aid

We have recently started moving our manikins on and off beds and various shelves using a typical spinal board.  Nothing new here.  We often wrap them up in a sheet which works really well to keep everything contained and keeps the dust off for longer term storage.  For quicker moves – particularly for BLS practice on the floor where you don’t want a sheet (like you would on a bed), the manikins become a bit more awkward with their arms falling down.

The solution to this was a simple strap with loops in the ends like a set of handcuffs.  This is easy to store and use and prevents the arms from falling down while rolling on/off a backboard whether it’s onto the floor or a bed or shelf.

Once on the backboard, ANY trolley/cart will serve to help move them around.  Much more maneuverable than a bed or even an ambulance barouche.

The strap is about 600mm long with about 150mm ‘long’ (300-400mm circumference) loops in each end.  About 1 meter of simple webbing = $1.


IMG_20140611_090522 IMG_20140611_090325

There has been a new requirement to label heavier manikins with warning signs indicating two-person handling was required.  We have added these signs to the handcuffs.

handcuffs and sign


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