Mobile LearningSpace cameras

We use CAE Healthcare’s Learning Space as a video capture and playback system.  Typically, recording is done in dedicated clinical simulation spaces with fixed cameras and microphones.  For a variety of reasons, we need some additional cameras that can be temporarily placed in one of several other teaching spaces on an infrequent, as-needed basis.

To do this requires a camera, audio encoder, microphone and some sort of stand to put it all on.  When we were first investigating use of IP cameras, we used an old IV pole as a temporary mount with a simple aluminum bracket on top.  For these mobile cameras, we acquired some additional IV poles from EvoCare in Brisbane, model EV3501C75H4 $215 ea incl GST & shipping.  This pole has a removable top section that holds the IV bag arms.  When this section is removed, the top of the pole is just a straight piece of tube (just under 20mm diameter) with a spring-loaded locking button to hold the top section in place.



On the top, I created a simple folded aluminum bracket with a piece of 20mm ID tubing tie wrapped under the ledge.  Conveniently, the bolt spacing for the camera and audio encoder were the same, so they could be mounted back to back using the same holes.

The camera is an Axis M3006 HD IP camera.  The audio encoder is an Axis P8221 and the microphone is an AudioTechnica Pro44.  A short adapter joins the microphone cable to the encoder.

audio encoder camera microphone

A nice hook from Ikea was attached to the middle of the stand using more tie wraps and some double-sided foam tape.  The IV stand manufacturer cautioned that this thin wall tubing was not suitable for mounting IV pumps, so we started with something lightweight.  The point of this hook was simply to hold the cables and microphone when not in use.  A plastic cup was used to hold the microphone and the cables (mic + 2x Ethernet) were coiled and hung on the hook.

A hole near the top edge of the bracket serves as a strain relief for the microphone cable.  The ethernet cables just hang.  The Microphone cable is nearly 8 meters long, so can go virtually anywhere in the room.  The Pro44 is a carotid pickup boundary mic, so sits on a flat surface like a table or the wall/ceiling.  If you really want to use the ceiling, the Pro44 can be mounted to a small piece of cardboard using double sided tape and slipped under the edge   of a ceiling tile.

ceiling mic




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