Air fittings for manikins

We frequently move our manikins from place to place and were having a problem with the push-on fittings used by the Laerdal manikins.  Over time, the tube would get damaged and not release properly.  I fixed this by replacing the push-on fittings in the regulator box with a proper quick disconnect – a KK3 from SMC Pneumatics.

The KK3S (socket/female) has an internal check valve.  I have set this up on the hose that comes from the wall.

SMC KK part numbers

The corresponding male/plug bulkhead fitting (KK3P-06E) was used on the regulator box and other manikin connections throughout our centre to allow consistent connection of air.

Inside the regulator box, a short tube stub connects to a 6mm push-on tee to replicate the original configuration.


This is a sample of the hose that connects from our piped wall air.  There is a short section of reinforced hose crimped with appropriate fittings.  This is adapted to 6mm polyurethane “push-on” compatible air tube which finishes with the KK3S for connection to various manikins.

ResusAnne Simulator and the ALS Simulator will take the 55psi (380 kPa) nominal wall pressure easily.  Their relief valves are set to 10 bar (145 psi = 1000 kPa).

Replication of the regulator box was accomplished using an SMC AR20-02H-01 regulator (0.2MPa spring) with appropriate fittings and pressure gauge.  The output is set to 110-120 kpa per the Laerdal regulator box spec (1.1 Bar +- 10% = 15.95psi (109 kPa)).  The double lumen tube that connects to the manikins connects to a bulkhead fitting from Colder (PTC16020) with 1/8″ hose barbs.  These will take a 6mm OD push-on hose with a bit of heat and persuasion.

This arrangement could use a relief valve to protect the manikin in the event of a regulator fault.  I have this setup on our SimBaby and SimNewB cots.



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