IV Arms for Laerdal manikins

I got tired of having mouldy IV arms and disgusting skin, not to mention the effort and expense required to change the skins.  The replacement skin and veins alone are $383 + GST!

It turns out that Laerdal make a different style of arm for their Nursing Kelly manikins that are directly compatible with SimMan Classic, MegaCode Kelly and ALS Simulator.  This is an articulated arm with a simple pad insert to allow limited IV insertion.  The arm is part number 300-05150 and retails for $264 + GST.  The insert is part number 300-04050 and retails for $42 + GST.

replacement IV arm IV arm insert

We generally don’t even connect up the tubes, but simply provide this insert as a location for inserting an IV.  Fluids and drugs are administered via our bung and tube setup.


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